The Praxis Flag


Hang this flag in front of your house. Confuse your neighbours. They’ll spend weeks wondering about the political implications behind this mysterious flag. What does their neighbour believe? They have to ask you. “It’s the flag of Praxis,” you tell them. They fall down the Praxis rabbit hole.

In the ancient days, Praxian warriors would put sword and fire to the enemy, conquering lands to plant this flag among its peaks. Today, Praxis acquires land through legal purchase under common law. Times do change.

This flag is on the moon. India put it there last week.

Don’t believe us? Fuck off.

The Flag of Praxis, a gaze into the eternal sun of vitality. This one goes out to gamers and girls. Girls who game. This one goes out to guys who are nice with it. This one goes out to pimps and postmen.

1,5 x 1,0m flag

· Double sided
· Reinforcement band

Made in Portugal

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